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Learn how to successfully implement Supply Chain improvements using Demand Driven methodology

Real World Supply Chain Planning with DDMRP

Getting the right products in the right place at the right time is essential to a company's survival given the increasing pressure supply chains face, especially in today’s environment.  Ensuring you only plan to purchase, make and distribute what is really needed by your customers has never been more important. 

Coping with variability has never been more difficult.

The "traditional" planning models are based on creating a long term forecast, usually agree by an internal committee of less than enthusiastic contributors.  This drives an inflexible MRP system to generate recommendations that are generally ignored by your planners and schedulers. This is a critical business process that needs to be consigned to the past and replaced with a more relevant system.

Ask yourself...

What value would you place on having a sustainable and easily understood planning system with the inherent capability to cope with variability? 

How about operating a system that reacts to real customer demand while allowing company specific rules to be incorporated?

How would you feel about less waste, less stock, shorter lead times, higher customer service OTIF and better staff morale?

This is DDMRP. 

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profileRoger Fleury 

Roger is UK Practice Lead for SHEA Global, having joined the group in 1995.  He has over 30 years’ experience of implementing ERP systems with a current focus on Microsoft Dynamics and Demand Driven Supply Chain Solutions