Submit your question and quiz our Wiz Panel!

We're changing our Quiz the Wiz format!  Starting now, you can submit questions daily to our Wiz Panel! 

SHEA Global has assembled a panel of experts, otherwise known as the Wiz Panel, to answer your questions for free!  You can ask them anything and they will attempt to answer in the most informative (and entertaining) way possible. We've got a Wiz expert for everything.  SYSPRO, GP, AX, NAV, F&O...the list of software acronyms are endless and so is the free expert advice.  

We'll post a series of short videos every week with answers to your burning questions.  Stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get your free access to expert advice. 

No question is off the table.  We want you to be able to ask anything you want to know about your software solutions, operational processes, supply chains and their surrounding technologies, tools and functions. 

Ask our Wiz Panel anything.

"What is OneDrive and how does it work?"
"How do I work on my documents in SharePoint with others?"
"How can I set up workspaces for projects and sales?"
“How do you record a macro in our ERP system?”
"How do I set up an electronic approval process?"
"What are the best practices for bank reconciliations?"
“What are some tips to stay productive while working from home?"
“How can I blur my kids out of the background on my video calls?"